Digitization, Public Domain & Informational Monopolies

Conference  Bournemouth University.


  • Ronan Deazley and Victoria Stobo (University of Glasgow) To search or not to search? Digitising archive collections in the new copyright settlement
  • Cédric Manara (Google) What we can learn from the Google Books project and ruling
  • Uma Suthersanen (Queen Mary, University of London) Who Cares About the Orphans? Institutional and Authorial Mandates
  • Nora McGregor (British Library) The Mechanical Curator Experiment at British Library
  • Darren Wright (FreeBMD) Digitisation: Open Access to Public History
  • Dinusha Mendis (Bournemouth University) tbaRuth Towse (Bournemouth University)
  • Piet Bakker (Newspaper Innovation, Technical University Utrecht)
  • Trilce Navarrete (University of Amsterdam) Changes in heritage production and consumption brought by networked technologies
  • Christian Handke (Erasmus University, Rotterdam)
  • Lucie Guibault (IViR, University of Amsterdam) Faustian Perspective on Digitization: Making a Deal with the Devil
  • Maurizio Borghi (Bournemouth University) Digital monopolies: how they are caused and how to unlock them
  • Jean-Claude Guédon (University of Montreal) Post-Foucaldian musings about digitization: power, knowledge and mass digitization