The production and consumption of data visualisations
2014 - 2018
Completed research

Data visualisations are everywhere around us. Think of maps, graphs, timelines, but also schedules, networks and animations. We only have to open the paper or go to an online news site to find these data visualisations. The demand for data visualisation in journalism is increasing. Journalismlab conducted two major research projects in the field of data visualisation. ‘Every Picture Tells a Story’ is a study that focused on the production process of information visualisations. To that end, we analysed the entire production process from client to final product for three different assignments. For that purpose, we attended different meetings and gatherings, studied documents and conducted interviews.

To gain more insight into how readers experience the visualisations, a combination of eye-tracking research, focus groups and surveys was used among readers of the NRC Handelsblad, the Financieele Dagblad and (Dutch newspapers and a Dutch news site).

Datajournalism tools is a tool to quickly and efficiently find and use a suitable visualisation tool. 

The research led to the follow scientific publications:

When does an infographic say more than a thousand words? Audience evaluations of news visualisations gepubliceerd in Journalism Studies. 

Visualizing news: make it work gepubliceerd in Digital Journalism 

Working with or next to each other? Boundary crossing in the field of information visualization gepubliceerd in The journal of media innovations. 


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