What can teachers learn from each other when it comes to the introduction of hybrid learning environments?
2016 - 2017
Completed research
Wat kunnen docenten van elkaar leren rondom de invoer van hybride leeromgevingen?

What lessons can be learned about the introduction of a hybrid learning environment within a media training programme? This question was addressed in the research ’Blended learning in the media classroom: search for the ultimate blend‘. A hybrid learning environment was defined as a learning environment that includes classroom learning, online learning and learning in professional practice.

For this study, interviews were conducted with teachers and students from three different media training programmes where hybrid education has been introduced. In addition to the interviews, observation research was conducted and teaching materials and materials in the online environment were analysed.

The results of the research have been used to shape new educational program at the Utrecht School for Journalism. The publication below for Het Onderwijsblad (official journal of the Dutch General Union of Educational Personnel), however, mainly focused on the coordination between online learning and classroom learning.

Online onderwijs heeft klaslokaal hard nodig.

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