Working foreman, host, entertainer or coach? The changing role of a teacher in journalism education.
2018 - 2021
Completed research
Meewerkend voorman, gastheer, entertainer of coach? De veranderde rol van de docent in het journalistieke onderwijs.

All types of journalism education, in the Netherlands and abroad, face uncertainty about the right course to follow, what skills to offer, what knowledge to teach and how to do so. This uncertainty can be traced back to uncertainty about journalism itself – its content, shape, function and more. This research analyses how journalism training programmes and teachers deal with or respond to this fluidity. We did this with use of the information-recall method. Teaching situations were recorded and interviews with lecturers were conducted. The objective of the research was to develop different ‘personas’, which basically means a description of characteristics and qualifications a journalism teacher in fluid times must have.

The results of the research can be found here .



Yael de Haan
Docent onderzoeker
Maaike Severijnen
Senior onderzoeker
Chris van der Heijden

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